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Frequently Asked Questions

In 2017, I knew God was asking for a step of faith and obedience but it felt like uncharted territory and unknown waters. My husband and I said yes to PPC (Police Protective Custody) care and through that, our eyes were opened to the great need in our area for more quality PPC homes, Respite homes, and Foster families. It seemed like there were several resources for biological families to work to keep children in their home, but possibly not for the foster and adoptive families.  Foster families are typically the ones responsible for the doctor appts., the therapy appts., the tantrums, the coming down off of drugs, the work it takes to help blend them in with your own children- it can be exhausting for foster families- financially, mentally, and emotionally.


I saw many of these quality foster families wanting to let these “bonus children” who came in their home, blend in just like their own. They wanted to allow them the opportunity to do many of the extracurricular activities like dance, wrestling, tennis, or baseball that their biological children are able to do. There just simply were not enough resources and training being offered at the time. We heard stories of how children really were sleeping on the floors at the police department or being sent to Wichita for a bed for one night and then expected to be transported back here for court 1-2 days later. It was heartbreaking.


I started feeling a calling in my heart to do something for these local foster families in Southeast Kansas through events, activities, and training. We wanted to be able to show God’s love by uniting together with our local community members and churches.

When children are removed from the home, they may go into Police Protective Custody, to an agency for further investigation, or directly to a foster home. Most of the time they go without any of their belongings. Sometimes they can go back and get those, sometimes depending on the situation it may be weeks before they are able to go back and get their belongings. Therefore, there is typically always a need for children in care to have new clothes and shoes.

We are independent of any one child-placement agency. They are all separate entities, however, we have formed partnerships with all of the child placement agencies in the counties we serve.

Patterns, thinking, and cycles CAN BE changed with a positive mentor in a child’s life or through the positive influence of a quality foster family.

Many local foster families foster because they believe it is their God given calling to make a difference by caring for orphans. The daily rate received is minimal if you truly want to provide experiences, activities, and opportunities for children in foster care the same way you would for your own children. Football cleats, dance classes, a new bike are all extras that a small daily stipend doesn’t usually cover.

We are not state funded and are supported by the donations of generous community members, business partnerships, and churches.

Because it is not the foster child’s fault the system has flaws. We may not be able to change a system, but we can all show love to these children and help them to feel special one life at a time. Fostering allows you to plant seeds in a child’s life that may come to fruition immediately or you may never see the return of the seeds you planted in a child’s life. We believe it will come to fruition and is never done in vain when done for the right reasons.

You can make a meal for a foster family that receives a new placement, be a mentor to a foster child, be a volunteer for one of our Fostering Connections events, become a respite family to help fill in for a foster family on an occasional weekend or when they might go on vacation.

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