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Being a Fostering Friend means they get to have the things that give them comfort as a child. The bike, a teddy bear, their favorite new action figure – your friendship makes those things possible. 

Happy children holding toys
Happy children with toys

Your Foster Care Donation Makes a Tangible Impact

By committing as little as $20 a month, you’re not just donating; you’re actively participating in a mission to provide essential support and create lasting memories for children in foster care. Here’s how your friendship will transform lives:


Immediate Relief and Joy: Your support funds VIP Bags filled with necessary supplies and clothes for children entering care, celebrates their birthdays with VIP Birthday bags, and offers Teen Shopping Sprees for personal needs.


Empowering Workshops: Contributions go towards budgeting workshops for teens, including lunch and gift cards for essential needs.


Support for Foster and PPC Families: We offer gift cards for immediate grocery and clothing needs, making it feasible for more families to provide loving homes.


Education and Healing: Funding speakers specializing in dealing with trauma offers both foster families and children the tools to navigate their challenges effectively.


Learn more about the mission of Fostering Connections and how we provide wrap around support for children in foster and adoptive families in Southeast Kansas.


Monthly Donation Tiers

Your support and monthly giving allows us to continue our mission of blessing children in foster care and providing foster parent support all year long.

Fostering Connections Friend


Partner with us at the $20/month giving level

Receive two Fostering Connections t-shirts

Fostering Connections Fan


Partner with us at the $40/month giving level

Receive two free Fostering Connections t-shirts and two free tickets to our Annual Fundraiser

Fostering Connections Hero


Partner with us at the $60/month giving level

Receive two free Fostering Connections t-shirts and four free tickets to our Annual Fundraiser

One-time or custom amount donation

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