Fostering Connections

What is Fostering Connections?

Fostering Connections provides wrap around support for children in foster care and foster and adoptive families in Southeast Kansas. Centered around the verse in the Bible, James 1:27 – calling Christians to look after orphans, Fostering Connections was created to walk alongside foster families as they open their hearts and homes to children in need. Our organization offers faith-based support through training and events that benefit both the child and their foster family.


Volunteer Opportunities

We offer a wide range of initiatives to children and their foster and adoptive families. You can make a difference in the lives of children in foster care by giving your time and talents. From helping pack VIP Bags (link to page) for kids, to providing childcare during a foster and adoptive parent night out, there are opportunities for many types of involvement.

Help Us Make a Difference

Fostering Connections relies on the financial support of individuals like you to continue our mission of connecting our community and churches to bless children in foster care.  You can make a difference in the lives of foster and adoptive families through your support of our programs.