Our organization

Fostering Connections is a local, 501c3, non-profit organization designed to make a positive difference for foster/adoptive families and children in our community. Centered around the verse, James 1:27, calling Christians to look after orphans, Fostering Connections was created to walk alongside foster families as they open their hearts and homes to children in need. Our organization offers faith-based support through training and events that benefit both the child and his/her foster family. Our mission is connecting our community and churches to bless children in foster care.

We all know how tough parenting your biological kids can be. Imagine adding to that! That is why foster families that are doing it long-term need our support. It’s not just their responsibility to help hurting children, but as Christians, it’s ALL of ours. Fostering is hard, but our God is powerful. The more people that get involved, the more children’s lives are being changed! Hearts are healing! Futures are brightening!

In 2019, DCF reported that right here in Crawford County there are 67 homes who are licensed to foster and 145 children who have been removed from their birth families. Often the homes are not able to take siblings to keep them together. In Cherokee County there are 46 foster homes and 62 children who have been removed from their families.

What We Do

Child and Family focused initiatives:

We offer a monthly, faith based, support group for encouragement, training, and prayer. We want Moms to have a safe place to share in both their struggles and successes as they navigate through the foster care system. Our hope is for everyone that joins us to feel uplifted, informed, and better equipped to provide for their child’s unique needs.


We host special events designed to strengthen the relationships within the family. We want to help families bond while having fun and making memories together! Events will be free to all foster and adoptive families. These family fun events may be held at the bowling alley, skating rink, swimming pool, or mini golf course.


Fostering Connections will partner with a local church to provide Kids Night Out! Parents will be able to drop off their children in a safe, loving environment and enjoy a night out, knowing that their children will have an evening filled with fun activities planned especially for them.


Each month we partner with local agencies to provide children in foster care a birthday gift. In their birthday month, they receive a special gift which includes a book, a local restaurant gift card, a small toy or coloring book, and a handwritten note of encouragement.


A VIP Kids Box is a small shoe box sized box (or other container with a lid) filled with lots of goodies that is given to a child as they enter the foster care system. These boxes are a blessing to many foster children, as they provide the child with things that are their own. Each box contains essentials (a toothbrush, writing utensils, etc.) and extras (a flashlight, a slinky, a toy, etc.), and is packed to give the child comfort and a bit of happiness as they enter a new environment.


We will partner with a local church to honor current foster families, with a dinner and guest speaker.  Families interested in learning more about foster care, respite care (short term placement) or Police Protective Custody care will be invited to attend as well.