Our Organization

Fostering Connections is a local, 501c3, non-profit organization designed to make a positive difference for foster/adoptive families and children in our community. Centered around the verse, James 1:27, calling Christians to look after orphans, Fostering Connections was created to walk alongside foster families as they open their hearts and homes to children in need. Our organization offers faith-based support through training and events that benefit both the child and his/her foster family. Our mission is connecting our community and churches to bless children in foster care.

We all know how tough parenting your biological kids can be. Imagine adding to that! That is why foster families that are doing it long-term need our support. It’s not just their responsibility to help hurting children, but as Christians, it’s ALL of ours. Fostering is hard, but our God is powerful. The more people that get involved, the more children’s lives are being changed! Hearts are healing! Futures are brightening!

What We Do

We offer a number of events to help foster/adoptive families and children in the community.